10 years after launch, one player has nabbed every one of Final Fantasy 14's 2,751 achievements

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Final Fantasy 14 has accumulated an awful lot of achievements in its decade of life: 2,751 of them to be exact. Some of them are simple enough—just play through the story, level up some classes, do an event or two—while others require hundreds of hours or even years to earn. Earning all of them would take some serious time and dedication, which would explain why nobody has ever managed to reach 100% achievement completion. Until now, that is.

As spotted by GamesRadar, a player on the game's Japan server has become the first to complete all of the currently obtainable achievements in the game. That's according to website Lalachievents, which tracks all of the game's collectibles. It looks like they actually completed the feat all the way back in late August, but has only just come to light in recent days thanks to a Reddit post. 

That includes completing all five ultimate raids—considered the hardest duties in the game—as well as participating in thousands of dungeons, raids, hunts, and PvP modes as different classes. If that wasn't enough of a time sink, the player has also managed to obtain every single relic weapon across every expansion, which is an incredibly lengthy grind combined with an adequate heap of timegating. 

Perhaps the most impressive display of dedication, though, is the fact that the player has managed to nab every single achievement around levequests. Once a repeatable quest that provided a good source of EXP, it's a largely ignored aspect of the game these days with more effective methods of grinding levels. However, completing every single levequest achievement takes at least seven years thanks to the way levequest allowances are timegated, which may make it an even greater accomplishment than smashing all of the top difficulty raids.

A JP player has become the first player to complete 100% of currently obtainable achievements in the game from r/ffxiv

Mercifully, Lalachievements doesn't track any achievements that can no longer be obtained—like seasonal event achievements and ones that are defunct thanks to story or dungeon reworks. That doesn't diminish just how much effort has gone into mopping up all the rest of them, however. Second place on Lalachievement's rankings isn't far behind, being two achievements away: one for the latest ultimate raid and one for securing 1,000 PvP victories under a certain faction.

Our stalwart Warrior of Light may have to get back on the grind post-haste, though. Patch 6.5 lands on October 3 which will add another three achievements to the ever-growing list. Mercifully they're related to the three gatherer classes, with the patch notes stating that the achievements will be automatically awarded if the requirements have been met prior to the new update. 

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