The modder behind Burps of Skyrim and Snores of Skyrim has made a breakthrough in the field of customizable flatulence with Farts of Skyrim

People sitting in a tavern looking a little offended, possibly because someone farted nearby
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Farts are funny. More than that, they're universally funny. No matter where you're from or where you're going, a fart in any language is a gas. So it's a little sad that farts are typically reserved for comedy games. Did Commander Shepard ever fart? Did Gordon Freeman cut the cheese? Did Lara Croft let one rip? You know they did—everyone does—we just never got to hear it.

That's why it's with real pleasure and no small amount of admiration that I present the Farts of Skyrim mod. And before you click away to some other article thinking you've already gotten the joke—the joke being that people in Skyrim fart now—I assure you, you haven't.

Above you'll find a video containing eight entire minutes of farts in Skyrim, and trust me on this, every last second is worth watching. The mod doesn't just mindlessly add fart noises: it includes funny and believable reactions from both the NPC who dealt it and the bystanders who smelt it, ranging from laughs to apologies to mild offense to pure horror. Take a look. I'd say try not to laugh, but you definitely will.

This isn't some quickly slapped together gag mod. Farts of Skyrim features a staggering 39 different farts, and that includes NPC farts, horse farts, goat farts, dog farts, kid farts, and guard farts. Even your companions may squeeze cheese from time to time. There are even silent farts! Most importantly (especially when it comes to the silent ones) the mod includes tons of reactions to the farts like giggling, apologies, exclamations, repulsion, sarcastic comments, polite concern, jokes, and more. If you're sneaking and a follower farts, they'll even be considerate enough to whisper their comments. It's all done using existing voice lines, and some lines may be based on certain locations and occupations (such as Keerava exclaiming "Get out of my inn!" if an NPC farts in the Bee and Barb). This mod is not only impressive but highly immersive.

And lest you think if you install the mod you'll be besieged with constant trumpeting farts from the opening wagon ride to the fall of Alduin, that's not the case. In the mod's settings there's a thoughtful "fart frequency slider" you can use to determine just how often someone breaks wind in your vicinity, from once an hour to once a day. There's even a toggle for sleep farts and animal farts to further customize the flatulence experience.

If you enjoy the Farts of Skyrim mod (and you will) it was created by modder JobiWanUK who has a growing library of bodily noise mods you should check out, including:

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