How to complete Dazed and Confused in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk 2077 dazed and confused - V is standing in front of Tool and Lina and is making the peace sign
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Dazed and Confused is one of the many side gigs you can pick up in the new Cyberpunk 2077 expansion, Phantom Liberty. You can access it once you've followed the main story quest and met Mr Hands in person. You'll get a call from the fixer, asking you to locate Lina Malina, an actress who has gone missing.

There are two ways you can complete this gig: one will get you an iconic weapon but will cost you $10,000 eddies, while the other way is much quicker if you just want to tick it off your list. With that in mind, here are both ways to complete the Cyberpunk 2077 Dazed and Confused quest. 

How to complete Cyberpunk 2077 Dazed and Confused 

Find the strangers downstairs. (Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

Once you get the call, head to the marker on the map—it's on the top floor of the shopping complex. Once inside the Brainporium, you can check the laptop behind the counter for more details on Lina as well as a couple of interesting messages which help explain what you'll find downstairs. 

When you're done, head downstairs to find the two strangers in the basement, then talk to Shank and he'll explain what happened to his friend, Tool. Agree to locate Lina Malina and persuade her to come to the store to help out the business. Basically, Shank wants to make money off of his friend being in trouble. So friendly!

There are two ways you can proceed from here, and which you choose depends on if you have cash to burn and want the Baby Boomer iconic weapon. If yes, go with the second option, otherwise you'll want to find the keycard. 

Find the keycard

The first option is to let Tool out by finding the keycard. This will save you a bunch of time and £10,000 eddies, but you'll miss out on an iconic weapon. Johnny Silverhand will also approve if you pick this option.

Once you leave the store, Johnny will appear and you can contact Judy Alvarez or Viktor about Tool's situation. Judy will tell you that you need to find something personal of Tool's to help snap him out of it. If you head back inside the store and back downstairs, you'll find a fan letter addressed to Lina, on the floor in the cell to the right of where Tool's being held. Now you can talk to Tool but you still need the key for his cell.

If you checked the messages on the laptop earlier, you might've noticed one from Shank saying that he lost the keycard near the door when he was sweeping the floor. Scan the area outside and you'll see the plant pots near the door are breakable so shoot them to get the keycard.

Return downstairs to Tool and open the door. You'll get the opportunity for a smooch so the choice is yours, then he will leave the store, threatening Shank as he goes. You can now call Mr Hands to complete the job.

Find the real Lina Malina

This is the more interesting option and you'll get an iconic weapon, the Baby Boomer, for your trouble though you'll need to fork out $10,000 eddies to get Lina to agree to the shoot.  

  • Head to Lina's home—the location marked on the map 
  • Talk to the gangsters at the bottom of the stairs or kill them
  • Knock on Lina's door upstairs then wait on the bench nearby
  • Tell her about the job 
  • Pay her $10,000 eddies to proceed 

If you don't have the cash, you can wire it to her later. Either way, you can't progress the job until you pay her. Once you're paid up, message Shank to let him know. Now you need to wait, so you can either go off and do other jobs, or pass time via the menu. Whichever option you decide, you'll get a message from Shank, telling you to get back to the store as Lina and Tool are fighting.

Once you get there, take the director's chair and choose whichever options you like. Once it's done, everyone will be happy and the quest will be complete. Look out for Lina's message, she'll tell you she's left you a present at the store so head back inside to grab the Baby Boomer icon weapon from the counter—she even put a bow on it.

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